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Point-of-Sale (POS)

Artificial Intelligence-based Point-of-Sale System (AI-POS)

All you need to know about AIPOS

AIPOS is a cloud based Point-Of-Sale System that is backed up by an easy to use interface which is fast, secure and reliable. Modern times require modern solutions and with that in mind, the traditional and offline POS systems have a very limited scope in establishing a loyalty based relationship in between the restaurants/café's and their customers and thus, AIPOS is here to solve your modern problems with a modern solution. With its monthly subscription based low-cost solutions, AIPOS is here to provide to you with the latest POS system that is fully customisable to your needs. For instance, AIPOS is the first POS that does not need a third party branded app plugin. With the branded Loyalty & Online Ordering App that comes included with the POS, it works flawlessly unlike the other POS systems that need a costly third party solution for every problem.
AIPOS makes use of a modern and intelligent BURP Engine which powers the software. Below are the list of features, but not limited to that feature AIPOS.

Daily Board and Reporting

We understand the pain restaurants and café's go through while making a decision relating to product promotion, decreasing their expenses or to check on their staff performance. Unlike traditional POS systems, AIPOS provides a clear and easy to understand reporting feature which covers product sales, staff performance, best selling products, staff performance and more. The Daily-Board feature gives you insights on your daily performance and the reporting section is powered by the Burp Engine which learns and presents to you related information based on real-time so you are always in control while making decisions. 

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Product List

Adding a product into the POS and the branded app which features online ordering has never been easier with the "30-second" rule. Adding the product name, category, product add-ons (taste, quantity and more), dine-in and the take-away price will only occupy "30-second" of your time. Adding a product from the admin portal will push it into the POS ordering and the app so you only add the product once. AIPOS also features bulk import and export functionality to save you time and make your life easier.

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Branded App Control via POS

For the very first time, take control of your app marketing from the back office. Within the marketing section of the back office, you can change the background images for the app, upload daily specials and offers. The reviews on the app can only be made if the customer has made an order which provides authenticity. You can even reply to the reviews from the portal and check for performance of your offers.

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We have taken the concept of transactions further by refining the recording of the monetary events and adding new loyal customers transaction history. The loyal customer transaction history will record the times a customer using the app makes a purchase, their purchase history and more. The intelligent Burp Engine will suggest you special offers for your loyal customers based on this information. Refining the traditional transactions, we have introduced a simple revert function which will help the admin to delete a transaction if there was a manual error while taking an order. The transactions will include Date and time, order ID, order amount, payment type and payment status.

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Take Order System (TOS)

TOS has been developed keeping three concepts in mind, simple-fast-mobility. If you can use Facebook, you can use TOS from the very first instance. We provide free training to your staff and assure that the learning curve to use TOS is easy to cover. With the instant Dine-In/Take-Away table selector, orders can now be initiated faster. You can even sort the product category as per your convenience by a powerful drag and drop feature for the category from the back office. TOS provides you with User Management so you can track how many orders every employee takes. Apply discount, split payment and more with TOS advanced billing feature. Redeem and apply loyalty points while checkout by a simple QR code scan from the tablet/QR code scanner when a customer wishes to make use of the app for the loyalty



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