Online Ordering

Branded Mobile Application which includes Loyalty Program & Online Ordering

All you need to know about Online Ordering

The soon to be 200 Billion dollar industry of online food ordering, it is set to change the global food industry. The branded app will allow for orders which will include Takeaway, Delivery (Restaurants Delivery Mechanism), Dine in and table reservation. The AI algorithm fetches information from the POS such as trending items at the restaurant and dynamically displays it on the mobile application. The table reservation section will be synced with the POS system so the app user could see what slots at the restaurant he/she wishes to sit and the restaurant admin will be notified for the same. The leverage of the integration of the POS and the branded app is an organically growing strategy. 
Takeaway Orders
In the order online section of the branded app, the customer can select takeaway from a range of ordering options and place the order for takeaway. The customer will also be able to select the time for the takeaway which will be ASAP or a custom time input option. Once the customer places an order, a notification will be sent to the tablet/iPad where the POS system is logged in.
Delivery Orders
When a customer wants to make a delivery order, the customer will select the delivery option from the app and add to cart the items that he/she wishes to purchase. Once the items are added to the cart, the delivery address from the customer will be taken. The delivery fees and the maximum delivery radius can be set in the back office so when a free delivery offer/promotion is to be introduced, the changes in the app can be made instantly.
Dine-In Orders
For orders related to Dine-in, the customer can pre order the food from the app and make the payment for it. The customer will select the date and time for Dine-In orders which provides a complete and flexible solution for making dine in orders.
Get Notified
The POS System will send a notification for when the online orders and reservation is made and once the order is accepted, the customer will be notified that the order has been successful.
Payment Gateway
A payment gateway will be integrated in the app from which the customer can make the payment into the merchants account. AIPOS will help you setup the merchant account.
If the customer wants to make a reservation form the app, he/she can do so by selecting the reservation option from the app.
Loyalty Points
The customer can also get and redeem loyalty points while making the order from the app.
Trending Products
The branded app will be powered by the Burp Engine which will fetch the information from the POS system for the top trending products at the restaurant/café and display the same within the online ordering section of the app. This will dynamically change as per the best selling products on a day to day basis.


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