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Branded Mobile Application

Branded Mobile Application which includes Loyalty Program & Online Ordering

All you need to know about Branded Mobile Application

The branded mobile application for your restaurant/café will feature two fundamental functions which are a loyalty program and ordering. The ordering will include mechanisms which are take-away, delivery and dine-in. Loyalty points will also be availed or redeemed in-store and from the app. The customers can order securely from the app which will be notified on the POS system which will primarily run on an Android/iOS tablet through the AIPOS app available on the Play Store and App Store.

Online Ordering

With the increasing dependence on online food ordering aggregators such as Uber Eats, Menu Log, Deliveroo and their high commission on every order, this forces the price for every product on the menu to increase which ultimately results in lower customer satisfaction and loyalty. With the ordering functionality on the branded app, restaurants and cafe's can build their loyal customers by allowing them to order directly from their branded app. With the Burp Engine and the integration in between the POS and the app, the top trending products of the restaurants will automatically be displayed in the app so the customers have an easier time to order the restaurant specials.

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Loyalty Program

According to a report by Deloitte, a loyalty program helps to increase the overall revenue by 5-10% and the integration of the same within the app for when the customer makes the purchase in the store or by the app, will allow for more brand-loyalty building in between the restaurant and the customers respectively. You have control over the resources within the app such as loyalty giveaway points and the minimum amount for loyalty redeem. For businesses with multiple outlets, the points are inter-usable thus making it a full-fledged loyalty program. Availing and redeeming the loyalty points is as simple as scanning the QR code in-store!

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Authentic Reviews

In the world of hospitality, reviews hold a lot of importance as it acts as a reference for sales. Within the App, we have added a layer of authentication which establishes the requirement of a customer to order from the app before they are allowed to place a review. This provides legitimacy for the reviews. For restaurants/cafe's with multiple outlets, the reviews are based on every outlet but it is placed at a single pool of reviews for easier access. Reply to the reviews can be made from within the portal.

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Branch Aggregator

For businesses with multiple outlets, the branch aggregator on the app will display all the branches on the app. The customer can order online from any branch on the app. The branch will be shown to the customers in order of the distance of the branch from the customer. Every branch will have its own POS system with its products and pricing accessed from the app.

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Daily Specials & Offers

Marketing daily specials and offers provide an opportunity for the restaurants and cafes to increase their sales and provide a rich customer experience by introducing a different kind of menu addition as per the time of the year. With the Branded Application, the admin can post offers in the app and notify its loyal customers as and when the offer is made available. It has never been this easy to introduce timely offer which ultimately results in more sales and brand loyalty.

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